Memphis Day 2

Memphis Day 2- May 27, 2019
Today was our first full day in Memphis! Our team is already seeing the Lord show up and move in Memphis and Mosaic Church. Last night we prayed over the children that would potentially show up to our VBS today, not knowing how many would come. This morning, we told our team to be flexible and to go with the flow, not knowing what to expect. The Lord showed up big time and answered our prayer! We had 50 kids show up from surrounding neighborhoods!! Throughout the morning, children of all ages continued showing up and had a blast with our students! This afternoon, our team spent some time touring the National Civil Rights Museum. This was such an eyeopening experience for our students to learn and be reminded about such segregation that took place in our past. To end the night, Ali Chambers, pastor of Mosaic Church (our partner ministry), spoke to our students about what racial reconciliation looks like here in Memphis and how the Gospel unites all people. Ali shared his own personal story about growing up in Memphis, and how he has seen so much hope and progression happen within the lens of the Gospel throughout the years.

We read from Isaiah 11 and talked about where God’s Word shows a celebration of diversity. Three key takeaways from Ali’s talk —
1. God can unify our culture without eliminating our culture.
2. God enables us to live together while remaining different
3. The Gospel diminishes our past hostilities

Ways to pray:
Pray specifically that FBCO would be a church that reflects our community in Auburn and Opelika and its diversity. Pray that God would continue to open our eyes to His Gospel that brings peace.
Pray for the kids that show up to VBS tomorrow! We are hoping that even more kids show up and hear the Gospel!

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